A meeting of the minds.

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The year was 2012. Marc Kuijpers and Ron Joosten founded the IIC group, an incubator for novel ideas and a launching pad for progressive initiatives aimed at inspiring and improving preventive care. Their shared passion for the pursuit of a higher quality of life for all would guide their efforts and their company.

IIC’s “next-level” thinking draws on the principle of focusing on what lies beyond the horizon and establishing new frontiers in the field of wellness. At the same time, the IIC philosophy is summed up by a simple yet effective acronym: C.A.R.E.

  • Client focused.
  • Programs must Add real value.
  • Taking Responsibility for client wellbeing.
  • A commitment to Excel in all ways possible.

Currently, IIC continues to develop corporate and consumer-focused platforms, both nationally and globally.

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