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Client-focused / Add value / Responsible / Excel

Hospitality is in our DNA.

Our clients are the reason that we exist. Taking care of things is also the passion of our staff, which is why they provide their service and expertise as part of the IIC GROUP. We like to set the bar high. Could we do better? Then we need to do better!

Our employees’ behaviour and attitude contribute to our success. They really make the difference in this regard, together with us. The philosophy of our corporate culture is borne out in the Code of Conduct. However, we have made improvements in version 2.0 that reflect the very essence, our soul.


Our clients are the reason that we exist. Their health is the basis for everything we do. We set no boundaries when it comes to hospitality and a warm welcome. Our focus on clients is therefore deeply embedded in our DNA! We have a boundless passion when it comes to caring for and relieving clients. And we are always personal, friendly and hospitable! We take care!

How do we achieve this?
Our employees are our ambassadors! They are second to none in understanding both our clients’ needs and how we can all best contribute to meeting them. Putting clients first really is in our blood. We therefore go to extremes to provide the best service.

After all, we acknowledge that optimal hospitality leads to the best service. We communicate openly and honestly, and above all act with integrity. We offer constructive criticism and are open to feedback. We greatly appreciate favourable results and compliment others on their successes.

Add Value

We offer innovative products and services with clear added value. We enable people and organisations to excel. We like to set the bar high, while also opting for sustainable solutions. We are both significant and the expert in the field of specialised care provision.

How do we achieve this?

We continually seek sustainable solutions that contribute to our clients’ success. We examine facts, analyses and insights. Both we and our colleagues can justify every decision we make. We want to make a difference!

Creating value in the things we achieve is basically our incentive. We always try to get the best out of ourselves and our colleagues. Could things be done differently? Could they be done quicker or better? We go further than you would ever expect.


Our mission is to make people and organisations healthier. However, this entails a huge responsibility! We take nothing for granted, and are always critical. Our services are reliable, so that clients can count on receiving the best possible care and service. That is why our solutions are both the best in the world and the best for the world.

How do we achieve this?
Our employees make the difference! They shoulder their own responsibility, while keeping others on their toes to follow suit. We are critical and dare to question things. Every decision can be justified, while we remain aware of its impact on our employees, our colleagues, our company and our clients.

We do not hesitate, but take the initiative. We are active; or more accurately... we are proactive. Our contribution raises us to a higher level. We keep our promises. After all, setting a good example encourages others to follow.


We are ambitious and always endeavour to reach the next level. Could we do better? Then we need to do better! That is our pledge to clients, and one they can rely on. We firmly believe in innovation and invention. This makes the quality of our products and services even better, day in day out. We provide a healthier lifestyle in a way you wouldn't have considered possible.

How do we achieve this?
We invariably strive to achieve the highest possible level! We can't wait to start applying the latest techniques. We devise alternatives beyond the bounds of existing frameworks, and therefore think outside of the box. In fact, we don’t even see the box.

This implies that we occasionally make mistakes. But that's alright, because everyone learns from them. Staying up to date with the latest developments in our field is a no-brainer. Our employees know that they can only really make serious progress by working together, both within and beyond their particular field of expertise.


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