WE take care &
YOU can do it

Client-focused / Add value / Responsible / Excel

Hospitality is in our DNA.

Our clients are the reason that we exist. Taking care of things is also the passion of our staff, which is why you provide your service and expertise within the IIC-group. We like to set the bar high. Can you do better? Then it has to be better!

Your behaviour and attitude contribute to our success. Together with us, you make the difference. The philosophy of our corporate culture is translated into the Code of Conduct. In version 2.0 we have strengthened this to the essence, our soul.


Our clients are the reason for our existence. Their health is the starting point for our actions. We bring hospitality to a whole new level. Focusing on client needs is deeply rooted in our DNA. We have an unlimited passion for caring. Always personal, friendly and connected. We take care!

What can you do to achieve this?
You are our ambassador! You really understand our client needs and know how to respond accordingly, in every single detail. With everything you do you keep our clients in mind. You set the bar for the level of service. You know that optimal hospitality leads to the best service.

You communicate openly and honestly, and above all, you act with integrity. You give constructive criticism and are open for feedback, positive and negative. You enjoy successes and compliment on results achieved.

Add Value

We offer innovative products and services with clear added value on the market. We enable people and organizations to excel on the longer term. We like to set the bar high and always go for sustainable solutions. We are significant and experts in our field of healthcare and a healthier lifestyle.

What can you do to achieve this?
You are constantly looking for solutions to add value to the success of our clients. You investigate facts, analyses, and insights. Your advice is based on a sophisticated analysis. You want to make a difference! So creating value in the things you do is what you live for.

You always push the envelope to get the best out of yourself and your colleagues. You know how to get things done faster or better. Most importantly, you have the drive to achieve. You go further than you ever expected!


Making people and organizations healthier comes with a great deal of responsibility! We don’t just take anything for granted, but take accountability for improving a healthier lifestyle to a whole new level. Our services are liable and clients can trust us for giving the best care possible. That’s why our solutions are the best in the world and the best for the world!

What can you do to achieve this?

You are aware that you can make the difference. You take your responsibilities and encourage others to take theirs’ as well. You can justify every decision that you make and anticipate on the impact for you, your colleagues, our company, and our clients.

You don’t wait, you initiate. Actively take part in anything you do and really bring something to the table. Thereby you know good things happen when you set your priorities straight and when you honor the agreements made.


We are ambitious and always, always strive for the next level. Can we do better? Then we will make it better! It is a promise made to our clients and they can count on it. We strongly believe in innovation. We are game-changers in a healthier lifestyle. That’s why the quality of our products and services become better every day. We make peoples’ lives healthier in a way they didn't think possible.

What can you do to achieve this?
You are always striving for the highest level possible. Average is not good enough for you. You can't wait to get started with the latest techniques. You think of alternatives that go far beyond existing frameworks. Thinking outside of the box? You can’t even see the box!

That means sometimes you make mistakes. That’s ok, because you learn from them. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in your field is a no-brainer for you. And you know that we as a company only make progress when you work together, inside and outside your field of expertise.


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