IIC Integrative Interventions
Interdisciplinary and intensive

IIC GROUP Integrative Interventions provides specialized care. All focus clinics and independent treatment centres are specialized in providing interdisciplinary care, hospitality and long-term results.

The focus lies on specialized psychosomatic care for specific target groups, such as people with serious chronic pain in the back, depression or burnout.

The approach

The Integrative Interventions companies work according to the holistic biopsychosocial model: equal attention is given to body and mind (the interdisciplinary psychosomatic method of Integrative Interventions). The treatment centres work according to the outpatient principle. Treatments are individual and intensive. All interventions from the various necessary disciplines are implemented simultaneously and in a coordinated fashion by means of a tightly organized programme.

Long-term results

The results are significantly better and longer lasting than can be achieved with a more traditional approach.

Tackling pain with heart and soul. That is the motto of Het Rughuis. This specialized second-line healthcare institution treats people suffering from complex serious and chronic pain in their back, pelvis and/or neck. Het Rughuis is committed to providing an intensive, interdisciplinary approach. As body and mind go hand in hand, every patient is assigned an own treatment team with specialists from various disciplines.

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As recognized second-line mental health care institution, PHI is the specialist in treating anxiety disorders, depression, burn-out (somatoform disorders) and misunderstood physical complaints. The treatment teams provide customers with a result-oriented therapy in a safe and personal environment, thereby creating the best conditions to tackle their complaints in an interdisciplinary, intensive and long-lasting manner.

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