IIC Supplies
Everyday health support

IIC GROUP delivers solutions that support, stimulate and improve health, every day and in every life phase. IIC Supplies provides services, products and accessories to everyone who realizes that health is something that should not be taken for granted and is worthy of daily attention.

Consultant, expert and supplier

IIC Supplies delivers customized programmes that support consumers in improving their health. This can include products like food supplements, but also services such as online training programmes or tools and accessories. Solutions are always evidence-based and combined. The best approach is an integral approach.

IIC Supplies provides assistance in various health fields and to consumers of all ages and genders.


Stress is an important health risk. IIC Supplies is an expert dedicated to realizing the improved control of stress and stress factors. The memory function, healthy ageing and sleep are other themes that enjoy the full attention of the health scientists of IIC Supplies.

IIC Supplies develops a range of integral solutions for these themes, comprising physical products and aids, as well as online services, consultancy, information and training.

Something different: Supplies platform

IIC GROUP is developing an online platform that combines all solutions for everyday health support. This platform will be at the service of consumers. IIC Supplies will distribute the full range of health solutions, products, services and accessories.

Solutions will be differentiated, even at individual level. Consumers can use the online e-health services, become a member of their selected community and be motivated by incentive and loyalty programmes.

To invest in innovative start-ups or growth companies in the care industry. That is our speciality. Are you interested in a meeting? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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