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IIC GROUP contributes know-how, capital and experience to its companies. Our main strength lies in our umbrella function: all the companies in our group share their knowledge and expertise. In this way, they make one another strong, profitable and innovative.

Our vision

IIC GROUP goes much further than providing capital, advice and support.

We assume a controlling interest (100% or majority stake) in companies that will form part of our group. Or we incorporate innovative companies ourselves. Our target group? Companies with a customer-oriented approach that offer innovative services with added value on the market. They can provide care, services or lifestyle options.

Innovation, focus and excellence are the key values.

Clear strategy

As investment group, we fulfil an umbrella role for the companies in our portfolio. Every group company is the subject of focus and a growth strategy. With our Care Shared Services Center, we stimulate knowledge exchange between the group members. This paves the way for strong and innovative enterprises with an optimized service provision. How do companies operating under the IIC GROUP distinguish themselves? They have a crystal clear and long-term vision of enterprise that is fully geared to customers' needs.

To invest in innovative start-ups or growth companies in the care industry. That is our speciality. Are you interested in a meeting? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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